Top Seven Tips for an Effective Meeting in London

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Here at London Meeting Rooms we offer a number of meeting rooms across central London. Meetings are notorious for wasting valuable company time. There’s a saying that “a meeting is an event at which the minutes are kept and the hours are lost.” – 100 Funny Business Quotes Follow our top tips to get the most from your meetings, ensure they’re productive and avoid wasting time.

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1.       Have a clear objective for the meeting and check if it is really needed. Define your goals for the meeting before you call it. This will help to prevent unnecessary meetings.

2.       Have an agenda and stick to it. This will help to ensure that the goals for the meeting are achieved.

3.       Take minutes detailing what action will be taken, by whom and by when.

4.       Only invite people to attend that need to be there. Staff that are just there for the sake of it may resent wasting time attending a meeting where they’re not needed. Plus, it’s not the best use of company resources.

5.       Start and end the meeting on time. Allocate a specific amount of time for the meeting and each point on the agenda and make sure that is adhered to.

6.       Have a chairperson who takes ownership of the meeting and keeps it on track.

7.       Only use PowerPoint slides if they add value. Avoid using slides that state the obvious. Proofread slides and avoid spelling or grammatical errors.

Everyone’s time is valuable. Following these tips will help ensure that time taken for meetings is used effectively and that the objectives of the meeting are achieved.

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Meeting Rooms in London. Click here to book now.