Make the Most of Meetings in London


If you’re attending meetings in London, make the most of your time by exploring this fantastic city, where there’s so much to see and do. From assault courses to art galleries, there is much to enjoy. In this article, we look at six things to do while you’re in London on business.

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Military Assault Course
This is a challenging and fun activity which encourages teamwork, cooperation, and problem solving. Also available on these days are raft building, target practice and even a cheese and wine challenge!

Wine Tasting

Some of the greatest relationships in history have been formed around wine. Wine tasting says sophistication, elegance, and class and it can be a perfect opportunity to entertain clients. You will learn the fine art of swilling, along with aerating and tasting. All are good dinner party skills that stand the test of time. Which delicious red would pair beautifully with that steak? You’ll find out here.

Regents Canal Ride
What better way to soak up the city and architecture than meandering down the Regents Canal in a hired boat. You bring your own music and refreshments and relax as you float along.

Treasure Hunts
We all have a childlike and curious pull toward treasure hunting. A treasure hunting day out in London may not make you any richer, but you will leave with a sense of achievement. If you’re attending meetings in London with your team, this can be a great way of team building. Teamwork and communication are key to deciphering the clues that will help you discover your treasure.

Visit an Art Gallery
Art is profound. It connects people, causes discussion and creates emotion. London has an abundance of art galleries to suit all tastes.

Any trip to London would not be complete without a trip one of the West End theatres. Shows include musicals and plays. There are many discounted tickets available, as well as offers, including pre-theatre dinner.

As you can see, there is so much to see and do in London. So if you’re attending meetings in London, be sure to leave time for you and your team to explore this amazing city.
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Meeting Rooms for the Present and the Future

Meetings Now and in the Future
Meeting planners are cognizant of the impact of meeting venues on delegates’ productivity, creativity and ability to respond to new ideas and thinking. As meeting planners look to the future, it’s clear that their decision making process is largely based on their observations on changes within the industry over the past several years.

• 75% of responding meeting planners report that their current role involves more “experience creation” versus two to five years ago.
• Over 77% of respondents report that access to interactive technologies, such as tools to encourage audience participation, collaborative communication platforms and others, are more important now versus the last several years.
• 47% report the importance of flexible meeting space now versus in the past.

Using these indicators as a road map for future trends, meeting planners predict an increased emphasis on, and need for, select venue elements.

Physical Meeting Spaces and Design
The report states that fundamentally, there are elements of meeting venues that are critical for successful meetings and these have largely remained constant over the past several years and are projected to remain important in the years to come, including high-quality broadband, strong acoustics and good lighting.
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Meditation and Meetings

We provide contemporary meeting rooms in London, at convenient locations across the city. Our meeting rooms come with the option of refreshments and state of the art equipment, including video conferencing facilities. There are many ways to get the most from your meetings. In this article we look at how meditation can help you maximize the results.

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Business is about decision making, ideas, determination and, maybe most importantly, focus. A bad choice made with a clouded head can be extremely detrimental to moving a plan forwards. We need a clear head when making vital choices, for the well-being of our business. Meditation can help with all aspects of business, especially in a meeting scenario where people need to be relaxed and confident. People that meditate are calmer, more focused, more productive and less likely to be drawn into conflict.

Many people who practice meditation speak highly of the benefits. One of the main benefits is improved decision making. Mediation results in more drive, a sense of personal empowerment, and, most importantly, focus. Many Fortune 500 Companies such as Google and Apple use mediation and mindfulness to get the most from their employees.

Could you consider incorporating meditation into your daily routine? Notice how it affects your work life, as well as your personal life. Ask your employees to do it as well. Observe how it affects behaviour, especially in meetings.
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