Business with Pleasure

Surrey meeting venue with golf course and yogaSurrey Meeting Venue 4


At London Meeting Rooms we offer a friendly, professional atmosphere across all our locations and our new Surrey venue is no exception. There are four suites available, all are on the ground floor and have natural daylight. Facilities include catering, blackout blinds, air conditioning, fibre optic broadband and state of the art audio visual equipment including Sennheiser microphones and sound system. There are many breakout areas available.


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With perfect views over a 350 acre estate, this venue is easily accessible from Surrey, London and Kent and has ample free parking. Few other places spring to mind where business and pleasure can be mixed so easily. Rather than being constrained to one room, why not take your business meeting out onto the golf course. The lake and terrace are both open for exploration.  The 4 suites offer a luxurious, modern look with a traditional country feel, perfect for getting you relaxed and focused. Boasting the UK’s largest indoor golf simulator you can even play on the infamous Pebble Beach resort, where the biggest stars in golf and film have tried their luck since 1919, including a hole renowned as the toughest on all of the PGA tour. Golf and business have gone hand in hand for years and it is no secret that many good business relationships are been formed with the relaxing, scenic views of a golf course in the background. Golf is a game for people of all levels and abilities and the unique handicap system means that everyone starts on a level playing field and therefore it’s great for team bonding exercises. Strength of character is needed for both business and golf, along with qualities such as calmness, composure and self-belief. All of these qualities are honed with a game of golf and reflect in your business and relationships. Golf is a sociable activity. Whether on the course, or in the clubhouse, friendships are made and business networks are formed with ease. “People buy from people they know, like and trust”, as we know. What better way of getting to know like and trust somebody than on the golf course?


Perfect for team building exercises, networking, meetings, presentations and much more, our new meeting room venue in Surrey is the perfect place to mix business and pleasure.


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